Hello! Unit 0

Lesson 1

Hello! Sing with me! CD1 track 1

Open your books. What can you see?  Point to the items you tell me!
Can you see a….car?
CD1 track 4, listen and look at the picture, listen and repeat each line, listen again and boys repeat Sam’s line and the girls repeats Sophie’s line.

CD1 track 5, listen, point to the items and repeat. Do it again! Say the numbers, the pupils say the corresponding words, do it again varying the order. Pupils do it now in pairs.

CD1 track 6, point to the colour words, listen, point to the word and repeat each time. Divide the class into eleven groups and give each group a colour wordcard. Play the recording, pupils stand up when they hear their card.

One pupil chooses an item on the page and describes it by colour, the other pupil tries to identify what it is.
CD1 track 7, listen, repeat and point to the red flower.

Activity book page2, before opening your books, count to ten. Write the numbers 1-10 on the board. The pupils say the numbers.

2, ask volunteers to read the colour words, demonstrate following the line from red to the apple. Ask, what colour is the apple?. Pupils colour it in red.

Go around the class and ask everyone to say a colour. Goodbye!




Lesson 2

Lesson 2

Hello! How are you? I’m fine thanks. Pupils ask each other, Hi How are you? Hello, I’m fine, thanks!

Book pg3, read the lines of the song. Play the first version CD1 track 8, listen and follow. Play again and sing. Play the second version where students have to answer in the gaps.
Play the second version again, ask one pupil to sing the answer to each question, repeat with other pupils.

CD1 track 9, listen and follow in your books.

CD1 track 10, when you listen Who is he/she? You must say the corresponding name. Give further descriptions for the class to identify suc as She’s five, who is she?

Cd1 track 11, listen and repeat. Count from 1 to 20 as a class. Count around the class with each pupil saying a number. When they reach 20, start again at 1.

Ask a pupil to read the first number in the wordpool (11), now ask the class to find number 11 in the main picture (it’s on Nick’s t-shirt). Continue with the other numbers.

Ask them where else they see numbers in the daily routine, ask them to make a note of all the numbers they see and where they see them in a day.

Activity book page 3, CD1 track 12.

2 Ask a volunteer to read the first two speech bubbles, ask another one to read out loud and complete the empty speech buble.  The pupils draw themselves and write in the speech buble.

Goodbye routine, say one number between 1 and 20, class counts up to that number.



Lesson 3


Lesson 3

CD1 track 8 Hello! How are you? I’m fine thanks. Sing the son, play the second version of the song. Ask one of the pupils to sing the answer to each question. Repeat with different pupils.

Page 4. Ask a volunteer to read the title of the story. Who can you see? (mike, Sophie and Sam). What can you see? (a box). Who do you think is in the box? You will know by listening and reading.
Listen and follow.

Ask questions to check comprehension, such as Is the box big or small? (big) What’s the name on the box? (Mike). Is it Mike’s birthday? (no).

Play the story again, pausing after each line for the class to repeat.

Play the recording once again with the boys repeating Sam’s and Mike’s lines and the girls repeating Sophie’s lines. Everyone shouts Surprise! At the end.


Ask five pupils to take the roles of Sam, Sophie, Mike, Nick and Lucy. Play the story, students mime the story and join with words as much as possible. Nick and Lucy should hide under a table covered by a sheet.

Divide the class into groups of five. Each groups acts out the story. Nick and Lucy can rustle in the ‘box’ before Mike asks What’s that noise? Encourage the pupils to use gestures and expressions. IF there’s time, each groups acts out the story with the CD for the rest of the class.

Activity book pg14

CD1 track 14, listen and number. Number 1 is letter F.
2, ask a volunteer to read the questions. The class answers yes it is/ no it isn’t.

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