UNIT 3 activities CLOTHES

Teddy Dresser
Fun games
Teddy dresser
Here is a teddy. He needs some clothes. Can you find the right clothes for him? Practise words for clothes in this game.











Word games
What are your favourite clothes? Here are eight things to wear. Can you match the words and pictures?
Word games
Here is a picture of an ice skater. She's wearing warm clothes because it's cold. Can you colour her clothes? Read or listen to the instructions.


················MATCHING GAME 

Word games
You don't wear your trousers on your head, but where do you wear them? Paint the words to put them in the right groups.
Word games
What are your favourite clothes? Can you find ten things to wear in this wordsearch?

Word games
Here are five things to wear on a cold day. Can you match the words and the pictures?

Word games
Trick or treat? Can you match the words and pictures for these scary Halloween costumes?

Word games
Here are some questions about clothes. Practise words for clothes with this activity.

Word games
What does he look like? What's she wearing? Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

Word games
Do you know the words for clothes in English? Play this game to find out.
Word games
Play a game about clothes we wear when it's hot. How many sentences can you make?
 my favourite clothes short story
Short Stories
The boy in this story is sad when he finds that his favourite clothes don't fit him any more. What can his mum do with them? Listen to this story and find out.

Don't put your trousers on your head, Fred! Find out what can go wrong when you get dressed.

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Clothes Vocabulary Interactive

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